Back on Track Class

Are you struggling with weight regain or an extended weight plateau following bariatric surgery? This class provides struggling bariatric patients the structure, motivation and support to stop weight regain, gain control and maintain their goals. Through dietary guidance, fitness direction and behavioral support, our goal is to get you “back on track!” This class is only for patients who have had bariatric surgery and are 6 months or more post-op.

Join us! Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 6PM

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Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

Our monthly support group will now be focused on peer-to-peer support. They will be facilitated by a licensed counselor who will be available to answer questions, provide direction as needed and offer professional guidance.

The peer focused support group will give patients the much needed opportunity to connect with other patients by sharing knowledge and experiences, providing emotional support, social interaction or practical help. Everyone’s experiences are treated as equally important and no one is more of an expert than anyone else.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month @ 6PM

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