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Restrictive Procedure:  The Sleeve Gastrectomy

The theory is simple. When you feel full, you are more likely to have reduced feelings of hunger and will no longer feel deprived.  Restrictive weight loss surgery works by reducing the amount of food consumed at one time. It does not, however, interfere with the normal absorption (digestion) of food.

With Sleeve Gastrectomy (Vertical Gastrectomy (VG) or Longitudinal Gastrectomy (LG)) Procedures, the bariatric surgeon creates a "sleeve" or narrow stomach.  The remaining stomach is completely removed.  VG achieves its effects by helping a patient to eat less food (restriction) and reduce the feeling of hunger.   The result is an early sense of fullness and satisfaction from a smaller portion of food.  There is also a decreased Grehlin (appetite stimulating hormone) level following sleeve gastrectomy which further reduces hunger.  This procedure does NOT include bypassing any portion of the small intestine.  This means there is no malabsorption of food digested. 

Sleeve Gastrectomy provides a "tool" with which clients can potentially lose a large amount of excess weight, as long as they make necessary lifestyle changes and follow program instructions/requirements before and after having surgery.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure