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  Meet Dr. Gluck

    Dr. Gluck graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI with a degree in                         Nutrition in May 1986. He went on to graduate from Michigan State College of                             Osteopathic Medicine in June 1991. In June 1996 he completed four years of general                   surgery residency at POH Medical Center in Pontiac, MI where he performed                               General, Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Vascular, Thoracic and Gynecologic surgery.  After             graduating from surgical residency in June 1996, Dr Gluck moved to Muskegon, MI in               October of that year and began private practice. Having an innate desire to do bariatric               surgery, in 2002, Dr. Gluck collaborated with Mercy General Health Partners in Muskegon,       MI to build a comprehensive bariatric surgery program. Dr. Gluck is board certified             and has now performed more than 4,000 weight-loss surgeries to date.

Dr. Gluck is passionate about helping the obese population help themselves. He feels he has been blessed with the ability to give patients a tool to change their lives forever*. To quote Dr. Gluck, “There is nothing more incredible than hearing a patient tell me how much their life has improved both physically and mentally.” Others have asked Dr. Gluck why he chose to trade a busy general surgery practice for bariatric surgery and his response was “I get more fulfillment out of hearing just one bariatric patient tell me about ‘feeling better than they can remember since childhood’ than I do from performing 20 general surgery cases.”

His desire and drive to continue stems from him being obese as a child. Going into the sixth grade, Dr. Gluck weighed close to 200 pounds. He was fortunate to have had a parent send him to a camp for overweight children. At that camp, he learned how to eat right and exercise and has maintained his weight loss since then. Had Dr. Gluck not learned how to balance meals and exercise at an early age, he feels he would probably be seeking to have bariatric surgery himself. Dr. Gluck knows the prejudice that society presents. The disease of morbid obesity does not get the respect it deserves. If left untreated, obesity kills. 
Dr. Gluck is confident that we have a complete and exceptional bariatric program here in Muskegon. He is proud to have been a part of its conception and growth from the beginning and looks forward to continued success in the fight and treatment against the disease of morbid obesity.

When away from the operating room and office, Dr. Gluck spends his time with his wife and two children.

*Success of weight loss surgical procedures, dietary programs and products vary from person to person. No guarantee is provided or implied. Testimonials from, and photographs of, individuals on this website are Dr. Gluck's actual patients, who have participated in various weight loss solutions. Individual results are not typical. Before considering a weight loss surgical procedure, new diet or exercise program, you should first consult your primary care physician.