Life Without Limits Bariatrics
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Financial barriers shouldn't stand in the way of optimal health. If you don't have health insurance, or if after working with your insurance provider you determine that you don't have bariatric surgery insurance coverage, you still have options. Many patients use bariatric surgery financing to cover out-of-pocket costs. Because it is an investment in good health and quality of life, you may also consider the procedure to be worth the cost even without bariatric surgery coverage

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Dr. Gluck provides very competitive pricing for patients paying out of pocket.  Mercy Health Partners, West Coast Anesthesia, and Dr. Gluck have set the following rates:

This includes: hospital stay, anesthesia, and  bariatric surgeon fees. It also includes routine follow up visits at our office for the first three months following surgery. This cost does not include: expenses incurred for complications, extended stay, or repeat stay in the hospital. 

Initial Surgery Costs Can Lead to Savings Over Time

A recent study showed that bariatric surgery pays for itself in about 2 years.  Since weight loss surgery helps improve or resolve conditions associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, patients save money on prescription drugs, doctor visits, and hospital visits. In fact, monthly savings associated with laparoscopic bariatric surgery were shown to reach more than $900 as early as 13 months following surgery.

People who suffer from obesity pay 36% more for healthcare and 77% more for medication when compared with people at a healthier weight. These increases are higher than the costs associated with smoking or drinking. Weight loss surgery can help reduce these costs.

You should also know that bariatric surgery is considered a major medical expense by the IRS and may be tax deductible. Consult with your tax adviser to learn more.