Life Without Limits Bariatrics
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Before and After Photos! *

Don & Denise Before
Don & Denise After
Sharon Before
Sharon After
Shannon Before
Shannon After
Rachel Before
Rachel After
Nicole After
Nicole After
Marv Before
Marv After
Life Without Limits
Keith & Liz After
Keith Before
Keith After
Liz Before
Liz After
Heidi Before
Heidi After
Cindy Before
Cindy After
Bonita Before
Bonita Diabetes Free!
Rebecca Before
Rebecca After

*Success of weight loss surgical procedures, dietary programs and products vary from person to person. No guarantee is provided or implied. Testimonials from, and photographs of, individuals on this website are Dr. Gluck's actual patients, who have participated in various weight loss solutions. Individual results are not typical. Before considering a weight loss surgical procedure, new diet or exercise program, you should first consult your primary care physician.